I’ve missed my period and it’s not normal. What is the cause? What should I do?

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There was a question from home asking on the Ask Expert page,  “Missed my period. since april Until now it’s already November. But there are no symptoms of pregnancy. Is this normal?”  I believe that many young women have had the same experience. But you may not know what caused it. So today let’s look at the answer together.

I've missed my period and it's not normal. What is the cause? What should I do?

Menstruation  is blood that flows from the uterus. along with the dead endometrium that peels off Falling apart and falling apart Occurs in a normal menstrual cycle every 21-36 days (from the first day of your period).

Amenorrhea / Missed  Period is a condition in which menstruation is missed. or not coming as usual The menstrual period must be gone for 3 months in order to be called “Missed menstruation” If menstruation is missed for only 1-2 months, it is called delayed menstruation.

Missed periods can be divided into 2 types.

  1. Primary amenorrhea  is a woman who is 18 years old but has not yet started menstruating. In general, women usually begin menstruating at the age of 12.
  2. Secondary amenorrhea  is a woman who has had menstruation before. But later, menstruation was missed for at least 6 months or 3 menstrual cycles.

and from questions at home Missing menstruation for up to 6 months is considered secondary amenorrhea.

Causes of missed menstruation

Pregnancy  is a common cause. And it is the reason that most people will suspect as the first cause when menstruation is missed. which if you are of reproductive age and already had sexual intercourse before the missed period It may cause menstruation to be missed. which is not considered an abnormality You can do the preliminary examination yourself. By testing the urine with a pregnancy test. Or go see a doctor for a pregnancy test to get a clear confirmation result.

Stress and anxiety  can cause menstrual irregularities. Menstruation can be missed for several months at a time because stress affects changes in hormone secretion related to fertility and menstruation.

Anxiety disorders,  mood disorders, causing menstrual periods to be missed no sexual feelings

Using birth control pills for too long  Using hormonal birth control pills for a long time, such as taking birth control pills birth control injection Which is the reason that menstruation is normally missed.

During breastfeeding,  many mothers who have given birth Your period may not have come yet or your period is still absent. Because it’s the period after giving birth. or while breastfeeding which during the postpartum period or even after a miscarriage. If you still have breast milk, it is normal for your period to not start until after weaning.

Menopause or menopause (Menopausal syndrome)  as age increases. Around the age of 40 – 59 years, estrogen levels will decrease. Because the ovaries stop working This causes the permanent end of menstruation.

Have a tumor on the pituitary gland  Pituitary gland tumor Or even a tumor near the pituitary gland may cause missed periods. By a tumor of the pituitary gland called Pituitary gland (Pituitary gland) can cause abnormalities in the body such as abnormal growth. Missing menstruation

abnormal hormone levels  ovaries that produce hormones Whether it creates a lot of hormones Or less, it can cause menstruation to be missed. If the hormones estrogen and progesterone are produced too little It is not enough to stimulate menstruation or if the ovaries produce too much testosterone. It can cause menstruation to be missed as well.

Excessive weight gain or loss  women who have gained weight Or reduce too much and menstrual symptoms may occur. Especially when fasting or losing weight too quickly This may cause a lack of nutrients to stimulate the production of hormones that cause ovulation. As for people who are overweight or very obese, Will cause the body to produce a lot of estrogen. which affects the menstrual cycle and makes menstruation not come

Exercising too much  Women who exercise too much May cause amenorrhea. This is because the body loses too much fat. By age 16, women must have body fat of approximately 22 percent of their body weight. at least Therefore, the normal menstrual cycle can be maintained. Therefore, in women who have little body fat or too thin It can cause missed periods as well.

Uterine diseases  , such as radiation therapy to the uterus to treat cancer or some type of disease of the uterus itself For example, it is tuberculosis of the uterine lining.

Abortion and curettage of the uterus  The uterine wall is too affected. until there is a scar inside stuck together like a membrane This can also be a cause of missed periods.

Suffering from certain diseases,  such as thyroid disease Diseases of the pancreas and diseases of the adrenal glands,

those of you who are sick or have a fever, whatever It may cause menstruation to be temporarily missed. But when the disease was cured Menstruation will come normally. Some chronic diseases, such as pulmonary tuberculosis, can cause menstrual periods to be missed.

Polycystic ovaries  This condition is caused by the ovaries having a large number of ovarian cysts. These fluid sacs do not release eggs.

Missed period What are the negative effects?

The endometrium thickens.  If menstruation is missed for a long time May cause the endometrium to thicken. Which on a good day may result in abnormal vaginal bleeding. And if you leave it There may be a risk of uterine cancer.

Difficulty having children  if you want to have children but are in a situation where your period is missed. You may need to consult a doctor. Because it affects having children through natural methods, it may not be possible.

There may be hidden symptoms of illness in the body.  which the lack of menstruation It is one symptom of the disease. or that abnormality Therefore, you must undergo examination and treatment.

Osteoporosis, decreased bone mass  lack of menstruation Makes estrogen levels low The hormone estrogen is important for calcium absorption in the kidneys. and the digestive system To be used to strengthen bones Having low estrogen levels for a long time can result in decreased bone density. Or in the long term, osteoporosis may occur.

Missed period What must I do?

Relax, don’t stress.  Stress is one of the reasons why menstruation can be missed. You should try to do your body. and relax the mind Maybe travel, work less, relax your mind. Do activities that help you relax.

Always observe your body.  When your period starts to disappear even for just one month. You should start keeping a diary to see if your period disappears. Or just arrived later than scheduled? And keep an eye on any abnormalities in the body, such as whether milk comes out even though you are not pregnant or not. Do you have unusual abdominal pain, unusual hair growth, or mustache growth?

Don’t overdo your exercise.  You should exercise appropriately. Don’t exercise heavily. or too much Especially if you are a thin woman with little fat. You may focus on exercises that focus on increasing muscle. Instead of exercising with a lot of strength to reduce fat, such as yoga instead of running.

Weight control Keep your weight within the appropriate range, not too fat or too thin. If you know you’re thin, or have a low proportion of body fat You should eat to gain weight. Focus on foods that increase good fats. Or if you have a lot of weight, you may gradually lose weight. But you should not fast. or losing weight too quickly

Eat nutritious food  Eat good, nutritious food. Eat 3 complete meals and focus on food from all 5 food groups. You may focus on foods that have more iron and calcium.

Avoid health risky behaviors  such as smoking, drinking alcohol. Drinks containing caffeine, etc.

See a gynecologist for a diagnosis.  In addition to adjusting behavior If regular boils are missed, you should see a doctor or gynecologist to check for abnormalities in which menstruation is missing. What exactly is the cause? for examination and treatment The doctor will take a history, perform an internal examination, ultrasound, check hormone levels, https://ufabet999.com etc.

When menstruation is missed How should I treat it?

Treatment of “missed menstruation” can be treated in many ways. You must find the cause and find out exactly what is causing it, such as

  • Take additional hormone pills  If it is caused by a cause such as being too thin or too fat, the cause is not an abnormality or disease-related. Basically, to make menstruation normal. Your doctor may prescribe hormone medication. This is the same medicine as the medicine that delays menstruation that we are familiar with. which when taking medicine It will make your period come. You may take the medicine regularly at the same time every month for about 6 months in order for your menstruation to come normally. Let the endometrium peel off. And after that, try to see if your period comes on its own without needing to take medicine or not.
  • Take birth control pills  If there are abnormalities such as polycystic ovaries Your doctor may prescribe birth control pills. or medicine that contains progesterone to help treat symptoms
  • Treat other illnesses  if diagnosed It was found that the absence of menstruation was caused by abnormalities such as pituitary tumors. If you have an abnormal uterus, treat the disease or illness when it is cured. Menstruation will return normally.