What causes skin tags? How to get rid of them? and how to take care of it if you have skin tags

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If we look at the skin of our parents over the age of 50, we may find “skin tags” that look like moles. or small flecks But it bulged out. Attached to the flesh It looks like something stuck to the skin that you can pull out. There are dark colors such as black and brown to flesh-colored, yellow, or tea-colored, similar to tea.

What causes skin tags? How to get rid of them? and how to take care of it if you have skin tags

In addition to adults, some people in their 30s have also found skin tags. Skin tags are dangerous. Or is it a sign of some serious disease? Health has the answer. 

How do “meat tags” occur?

Skin tags  consist of the outermost epidermis, dermis, and inner fatty tissue. The exact mechanism or cause of skin tag formation is unknown. But it usually occurs in areas where there is frequent friction, such as the neck or various joints. From friction of clothing, such as shirt collars, sleeves, pants edges, and skin in areas where jewelry is worn, such as the neck, wrists, สมัคร ufabet etc. 

Risk factors for developing polyps

Obese people, elderly people, females and males have the same chance of being born. 

Polyps are dangerous tumors. Or is it malignant/ cancer?

Skin tags are not cancerous. or tumors that cause harm until it became cancer in any way It also doesn’t cause any pain. to the owner of the body as well But the disadvantages are Skin tags can be annoying. and makes the skin unattractive, that’s all 

But still Statistical studies have found that skin tags It is associated with obesity, type 2 diabetes , high blood cholesterol, and heart disease. 

How to get rid of skin tags

The dermatologist may use electrocautery or laser, or may just cut it off. Then take care of the wound as normal. In addition, the doctor may further diagnose the skin tag by taking the polyp for further examination. 

If there are skin tags How should I take care of my own skin?

  1. Don’t wear clothes. or jewelry that causes friction on the skin tag to reduce annoyance or injury
  2. If the skin tag is larger than normal or have other symptoms such as Injury, wound, lymph or pus, or other symptoms You should see a doctor immediately to clean the wound properly. Or cut out the polyps and send them for testing to be sure again.
  3. Skin tags can be twisted and fall off in some cases. But if it is a large skin tag Don’t try cutting it yourself at home. Because the equipment used may not be clean enough. and may cause the wound to become infected. 

Knowing this, you can feel relieved if you have skin tags and feel that they are not beautiful. or affect work or living You can consult a doctor to get rid of it. It’s like tickling a mole. You can remove the insect dander. In addition, keeping the body from being too fat It can help reduce the risk of developing polyps as well.