How to play baccarat how to count points

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    For how to play baccarat cards, it’s not complicated at all. Starting from the dealer, the UFABET cards will be dealt to the banker. And the player’s side, 2 cards each side. Which side has the closest total points to 9 will be the winner. As for us, we only have to guess which side will win or can bet on a tie There are also different betting styles, which depend on the baccarat table as to what bets are open to be placed.

As for counting the flower points, it will not affect the size of the cards. For example, if a player gets an A card, no matter what suit the face is, it will have a value equal to 1 for counting points divided as follows.

How to play baccarat how to count points
How to play baccarat how to count points

A face card is worth 1 point.

Face cards 2 – 9 are equal to the number shown on the face of the card.

The face cards 10, J, Q and K have a value of 0 (no points).

When counting the total points, we will add the points of each card together. Then take the unit digit to measure the card points, for example, if you get 3 and 4 cards, you get 7 points, but if you get 9 and 5 cards that add up to 14, you can only get 4 points.