Hazard revealed he was willing to leave Madrid, but for good on one condition.

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Real Madrid’s Belgium midfielder Eden Hazard has revealed he would leave Real Madrid for good. but must meet only 1 condition

Eden Hazard has claimed he did not deserve to start for his country at the World Cup given his form over the past ‘two seasons’ but insists his success over the last ’15 seasons’ has This earned him enough credit for the Belgian national team. The Real Madrid forward admitted he struggled to play for the Spanish top, but reiterated his intention to stay at the UFABET club. and he will consider ‘Pros and cons’ in order to ‘keep playing’ after World Cup

Hazard revealed he was willing to leave Madrid, but for good on one condition.

          The Belgian skipper joined Los Blancos in 2019 but has played just 72 games over three years after a string of injuries prevented the best he enjoyed under Che . When asked if he deserved to start in Roberto Martinez’s team, he replied, “Judging by what I’ve done in the last two seasons, no, but judging by what I’ve done. I’ve done it for the last 15 seasons . I haven’t become useless in these two or three years.” “This will be my third time. [At the World Cup] I want to show the Belgian people that I am still there and that they can rely on their captain. this great And we will do our best.”

          before the world cup Hazard made the headlines but not in his footsteps. But because in a recent interview He described himself as “in a dead end” and admitted he could leave the club. In an interview with Marca , Hazard was asked if he understood why so many Madridians weren’t excited about him . it’s normal I’m a player who hasn’t played much in three years. i can understand I have to show when I play, whether it’s five, 10 or 15 minutes, I want to play. And when I’m playing I have to do it well.

          The Belgium captain admitted he will leave after four years in Spain under a five-year contract with Real Madrid it is impossible Because I have a family and I like the city. But in the summer it’s possible that I can go. I have one year left on my contract and it’s a club decision. If the club tells me ‘Eden, thank you for four years. But you have to go.’ I have to admit it because it’s normal. But I want to play more. Want to show more that I can play I’m a good player.

         Hazard accepted the reality of his situation. But he struggled to change for the better under two different managers and this season has been the case again. He has started just two games and has become even more influential than last season as Vinicius Junior has emerged as one of the best players in the world thanks to his natural position. he That had a direct effect on him and it looks like he’ll have to leave Real Madrid sooner or later.