Friends laughed and rolled! Anthony’s face smashed, doing a challenge in the Brazilian camp

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Manchester United winger Anthony made his Brazilian team-mates laugh. After he failed to complete the first touch test challenge from a ball dropped from 30 meters.

     Brazil kicked off their preparations for the World Cup in an unusual fashion after attending intense training sessions. The star-studded samba army arrived in Turin on Monday to prepare for the World Cup and took part in the challenge. By standing under a drone while launching the UFABET ball. From a distance of 30 meters to test their first touch. The results are different and amusing. As some of Europe’s top talent took part in the challenge and the results were both impressive and embarrassing.

Friends laughed and rolled! Anthony's face smashed, doing a challenge in the Brazilian camp

         ‘Domingão com Huck’ Brazilian TV Show Tested the Brazilian team by giving Catching balls. That were dropped from 30m and only a handful of them succeeded. The first was Real Madrid star Rodrigo , who netted two late goals against Manchester City. In the UEFA Champions League last year Failed because when the ball hit his foot it immediately bounced far. Next was Tottenham Hotspur’s Richarlison, which was surprising because he was so good when the ball landed. Tan deftly touched the ball before controlling it with his feet, earning applause from his teammates.

Manchester United’s Anthony, on the other hand, got a lot of laughter from his team-mates for his complete failure to touch the ball in the first half His teammates looked at him in bewilderment and questioned why he hadn’t moved. Causing the ball to fall almost 1 meter away from him. As for the trio from La Liga, Vinicius Junior, Rafinha and Eder Militao. Also tried the challenge but failed to succeed. because the ball bounces out of control. Then came the turn of Brazilian superstar Neymar Jr. The PSG striker who has been hailed as one of the greatest talents to have ever existed in the country. Step up and join the challenge too.

         In which the referee can control the ball that is released with a great first touch as well He also bounces the ball with great skill. Then coolly swung the ball amid the cheers of his teammates. by friends Surrounded by amazement of the PSG star’s unrivaled skills. He even received a trophy from the host after completing an impressive challenge.

         Neymar is used to carrying pressure in the national team and this year’s World Cup was no different. But there is added incentive for the PSG striker to perform well in Qatar. as he is only two goals behind Pele in the list of all-time top scorers for the national team. He hopes to break that record when their team faces Cameroon, Serbia and Switzerland. in the group stage of this tournament