Bruno spoke after his anger at Ronaldo in the national team made the fans cheer.

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Manchester United midfielder Bruno Fernandes spoke to the highly-controversial clip of his incident with Cristiano Ronaldo regarding his cold-hearted demeanor. Kick 5 Ballon d’Or

    Manchester United midfielder Bruno Fernandes appears to have confirmed Joao Mario ‘s story about what Cristiano Ronaldo told him during yesterday’s handshake Monday. The cold-looking meeting clip between Fernandes and Ronaldo went viral over the past 24 hours. By many people predicting that Fernandes did not warmly greet Ronaldo. As he was unhappy with the Portugal captain’s interview with Piers Morgan.

Bruno spoke after his anger at Ronaldo in the national team made the fans cheer.

          by Fernandes Manchester United’s de facto vice-captain appears to have a problem with the interview, while He greeted Ronaldo with some degree of coldness after entering the national team camp. In the clip published on social channels Portugal’s media. It shows each of the 26 players arriving ahead of the UFABET World Cup, which kicks off this week. The opening match is Qatar-Ecuador on Sunday November 20 and will see Fernandes walk past Ronaldo.

          Fernandes touched Ronaldo’s arm as he walked past him to drop his bag into the locker beside him before attempting to turn to face the others. In the dressing room Obviously Ronaldo extended his hand first. Fernandes, after initially hesitating whether he should accept or not. Finally shook his hand before saying something to him and turning his back to the 37-year-old striker who was left there. He seemed to wonder why he was being ignored by his club and national teammates.

         Reaction to the clip on social media, most fans seemed to favor Fernandes. Opinions are like “You can see on Ronaldo’s face. Bruno is a true player/leader of the team. And he will not allow Ronaldo to attack his club/manager/teammates without showing any displeasure about what he did wrong. Ronaldo’s is a situation where he will hit both (Diogo) Dalot and Bruno. show that he is not important Had to go through this unnecessary and awkward situation”, “Ronaldo seemed to be puzzled as to why Bruno Fernandes is cold to him”, “Bruno won’t shake hands if Ronaldo doesn’t extend his hand. And obviously he kept his head down [always], which meant he wasn’t interested in shaking hands if Ronaldo didn’t reach for it.” “Bruno won my heart this season. His performances are level and even better.

  However , Joao Mario referenced the clip in which Ronaldo jokingly asked Fernandes if he had traveled to the Portuguese training camp by boat? Because the Red Devils midfielder was one of the last players to arrive in the dressing room.

          “I was in the locker room at the time too. I saw those pictures and it’s funny because sometimes they can be interpreted (otherwise). But it was a tease between them,” Joao Mario told a news conference on Tuesday morning, Nov. 15. “Strangely, Bruno was the last to arrive. And Cristiano asked him if he was coming by boat [laughs].” “I believe the picture can be interpreted. But it’s a tease between them ′ ′ I believe they have a good relationship because they play together. I saw them all day yesterday. There is no problem between them.”

          When asked if Ronaldo’s interview put pressure on Portugal ahead of the World Cup , Joao Mario replied: “I don’t have much to say about that. When we arrived at the camp it became another working group where we tried to focus on what was most important. We are all used to dealing with pressure. I don’t think it puts more pressure on anyone ′′ He’s always happy in the national team. I saw him yesterday He was pretty fine as always. as i said before It’s always a pleasure to be here. He is fully focused on the national team. And of course he will help us a lot in this World Cup.”